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Help your child’s brain Development With Binaural Beats Binaural Beats with various of frequencies have proven to enter a relaxed state with improve focus, memory, and cognition. More Details Foster your child’s Creative Output
With Art
Drawing and painting help elevate mood, refine cognitive and motor skills and strengthen self-confidence. More Details
Enhance your child’s Wellbeing With
Brain Foods
More Details
A balanced amount of special herbs, superfoods, and leafy vegetables promotes brain health, cognitive skills and memory

Our Core Avenues

Incorporating listening to binaural beats, drawing and consuming superfoods into your child’s daily life can provide various benefits.

Binaural Beat

Listening to binaural beats, which occur when one listens to two tones with ...


Even with rudimentary skills, taking time to draw, paint or makes crafts each week ...

Brain Food

Incorporating specific herbs, superfoods and more leafy vegetables and ...

The Mission of Project Outgrows is to
Help and Raise Awareness

Project Outgrows is determined to help raise awareness by synthesizing information for parents looking for alternatives to help assist in overcoming their child’s developmental delay or enhance brain development.

About Our Company

Project Outgrows is the name of an organization that seeks to help provide greater understanding on the

Mission and Values

The mission of Project Outgrows is to foster awareness about the intrinsic value of music, art, and a

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