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Project Outgrows is the name of an organization that seeks to help provide greater understanding on the benefits of integrating binaural beats, art, and brain foods into children’s everyday lives to enhance their brain development. We seek to not only provide greater awareness on these avenues, but also aid parents who are looking for any and other possibilities to help overcome their child’s developmental delay.

The mission of Project Outgrows is to foster awareness about the intrinsic value of music, art, and a healthy diet for advancing the development and growth of a child’s brain. Project Outgrows compiles information from authentic sources and synthesizes in a single platform for easy access and consumption. By doing so, we seek to facilitate understanding and use of these avenues. Our organization also seeks to help create an interactive community that can continue to learn and share their own experiences when aiding their child’s brain growth and overcoming developmental delays.


Biyanka Hati

Biyanka is an avid researcher. Her passion for contributing to society and her own personal experiences led her to initiate Project Outgrows as a platform to provide greater awareness about steps towards enhancing brain development and overcoming developmental delays.

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